Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Near miss - coughing, green snot, but that's about all!

#1 had a rough week; lots of coughing, green gunk, etc. but he seems to be fine. A little Combivent, and we're under control.

Here's the rant, though. I went to daycare on Monday with instructions to give him albuterol at 11:00 and 3:00 every day this week. Monday, he seemed to have gotten it. Yesterday, he told me he didn't get his medicine. My husband asked the director if she gave him the meds, and she said yes, but little B said she didn't. His teacher said she "didn't *see* him get it." (Note the politically correct wording there.)

Today, he told us he got it ONCE. Not twice.

So tomorrow, we'll have to have his teacher call us before she administers each dose.

Little B may be only 4, but the kid really doesn't lie. I take his word over the director's any day.

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The Mleziva Boys said...

I understand your fustration. Little B has no reason to lie. I had a similar issue with my "B" when he was in day care. They just did not understand asthma and how important the medications are. After making a big enough issue out of it and calling the center's director, the director at our daycare took a one day class which dealt with asthmatics in daycare. After that case, she was much more willing to help us out and make sure that the teachers not only gave B his meds but also on time. She ended up apoligizing to me and stating that she just did not know how important it was since most of the time he seemed fine during the day... Sometimes I wanted the daycare people to come home with me and take care of him during the night when B's asthma was out of control. Best of luck with your daycare!