Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Baby's cough - please, no!

Just a quick update -- took #3 (now 3 months old) to the pediatrician Friday. He was congested and had this horrific sounding cough!! The doctor said his lungs were clear, no wheezing...still. He's coughing that horrible cough only after eating now, so I can only guess that it's reflux, which we all know can be related to asthma.

Not optimistic. But why would I be?

Little B is doing better -- I didn't hear him cough once today. Hardly any snot either, thankfully. I was just about to take him to the PP for a sinus infection. So, good news there.

#2 son seems fine.

Can it be? Will we make it through the week without anymore albuterol? Might be a record!

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