Friday, April 21, 2006

Taking the baby to the pulmonologist tomorrow

I may be overreacting, but baby Iggy (aka #3) is going to the peds. pulmonologist tomorrow.

He still has a trace of that cough, 2 weeks later, and I'd rather be safe than sorry. I mean, the kid's not even four months old yet!

We went to the regular peds two weeks ago, and they didn't hear any wheezing, but still... this cough sounds seriously scary. Scary enough that all the cousins had this blanched-looking expression on their faces when they heard it at dinner last week.

If nothing else, this will get him on Dr. W's patient roster. This way, if he does have a, um, *concerning* illness later on, I can page her directly. And if I think he has RSV, we can get him in with her right away.

And if, God forbid, there is something wrong right now, we can get the action plan started right away.

Meanwhile, I've gotta get the other two in with her next month. I'm hoping to lower #1 son to Flovent 44 (down from 220 last year!) and #2 off the stuff completely for the season.

But that's another post...!


The Mleziva Boys said...

Hope all is well with baby Iggy...and the other boys. I keep checking back to see if all is well and finally thought I should leave a message. Your blog helps to keep me sane some days when my boys are not doing the best. Just knowing I am not the only one dealing with boys with Asthma, helps sometimes. Wishing you health for the whole family!

Aimee said...

Thanks! It's nice for me to know *I'm* not the only one, too!