Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Baby Iggy's Food Allergy

Ig woke up with hives onthe outside of his buttocks on Sunday.

We started solids at six months, introducing a new food every week. First rice cereal, then bananas, then apples, pears, peas, yogurt and carrots. Couldn't tell if it was the carrots or the yogurt, but naturally, assumed it was the yogurt.

The peds agreed it was probably the yogurt, but I put him on a reduction diet anyway. Bananas and rice cereal only since Sunday. (Poor guy's probably going HATE bananas.)

But the hives were back this morning, so I took him to the peds.

Thank God I'd put him on the reduction diet...I suddenly realized (DUH) that it was something I was eating, what with me nursing and all.

I had lobster on Saturday night, and then again for lunch on Wednesday. Pretty crazy...I'm a 20+ year vegetarian, but I occasionally weaken and indulge in crustaceons. It's a rare week that I have lobster twice! seems Iain might be allergic to shellfish.

(And that'll teach me to stray form the course of vegetarianism, right? Is this some conspiracy by Peta? Do they do this to all offending veggies?)

Could be worse -- I have a girlfriend whose son breaks out in a rash every time she eats peanut butter. I can't imagine life without peanut butter. I'm far too lazy a vegetarian to live without it.