Thursday, April 05, 2012

Anyone use ProAir?

I'm out of Ventolin and had to start using ProAir over the last few weeks. I swear, I can never tell if I'm actually getting anything out of that inhaler. Is it just me?

My doctor said something this morning about it being a lighter mist or something... I thought it was just that the spray mechanism was crappy and didn't work half the time! Per the ProAir site:

ProAir® HFA delivers medicine in a warmer, lower-impact, longer-duration plume.4-6 I guess the feeling of getting little-to-no mist is intentional!

Interested in hearing how others like ProAir vs. Ventolin and other MDIs.  (For me, the counter is reason enough to prefer Ventolin, honestly.)


Roed House said...

Yes my daughter who is 1&1/2 has used it since a baby (like 4-5 months old). IT DEFINITELY WORKS. Try a puff, you'll know a difference. Its our rescue inhaler for her when she has a chronic episode with her bronchiolitis or an allergy attack. Good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

My granddaughter has Asthma, so i am interested in the subject. I believe a lot of it is due to air pollution.
Air Ionizers help.
And there are new interesting breakthroughs that we should be shouting about: i.e. a PAINT that helps to stop air pollution due to traffic and fuel exhausts.

Anonymous said...

ProAir may work for some, but it made my asthma much worse. It got to the point where I couldn't take two steps without being out of breath. I felt like I was living right on the brink of death. After switching back to Ventolin, my symptoms became manageable again.

Everyone reacts differently, so it's hard to say whether one medication is better than another. I'm not sure what the difference is between one brand or the other, but I wouldn't grab a ProAir inhaler again even if it was the only thing I had and I was having a serious attack. It'd probably be enough to push me over the edge.

Nearly all asthma medication comes with a warning that it may increase the risk of asthma-related death. With ProAir I could definitely believe it.

Sorry for the anonymous comment. I couldn't remember my Google login.


Andrew said...

To anonymous, you are right it is hard to say what medication is better than the other considering all of the adverse side effects. This is why my good friends D.O. recommended an all natural approach after being on all types of steroids and in the hospital year after year with stage 4 asthma. Since the all natural approach he is living an asthma free life with none of the typical side effects. If you would like to learn about an all natural approach comment or email, hope I that helps - Andrew

akaMommy said...

We've used both. Both work. The Ventolin counter makes that one my pick, not to mention that the ProAir clogs. My son's doc actually bought it up first - she doesn't care for ProAir because it clogs easily and the lighter spray (my kiddo calls it the shush) doesn't lend to patients noticing that right away. Watch for white build up because your guys won't get all their medicine.

Zim said...

In my honest opinion, I prefer diskus. But it is Your decision, what to use personally.

Anonymous said...

I remember feeling the same way when I got one of the new inhalers. Over time, I became use to the lighter mist. Initially, I thought it was a joke. My brothers (also asthmatics) and I refer to the inhalers by color. Similar to the Power Rangers, I remember the white one being my favorite.

Speaking of colors, check out this site: Bedazzled inhalers! lol

Philip Smith said...
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Anonymous said...

EVERY time i get a pro air pump it stops spraying like 30 puffs into it......any suggesstions??

John Hendrickson said...

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PHA Toronto said...

I refer to my puffers to colours too. White, Blue and Red.

I would have to say that the white one gives out more mist which makes it seems like I'm inhaling it. The Blue and Red ones are really light and sometimes I don't feel like i'm inhaling it. (I use the AeroChamber too... so I should be inhaling it right?)

Marlon Ditsch said...

I've been using Ventolin for so many years, and it is really effective every time I'm having an asthma attack. I don't know with this ProAir, but I hope that you're getting the desired effect of this drug.