Thursday, July 15, 2004

Told ya so...

Asthma Needs Right Treatment
...and here's my thought on this: not only must you have a great relationship with your doctor, you also have to read everything. You can't only trust your doctor - s/he's not going to know everything. Take responsibility for taking care of yourself and/or your child and your treatment.

Here's today's biggie...

The Asthma-Obesity Connection
Could Link Explain Why Some Kids Don't Outgrow Asthma as Previously Believed?

Monday, July 12, 2004

Glad it works on mice, but....

Singapore scientists develop asthma vaccine

Gotta hear Allison's comments on this one. (For those of you visiting, Allison is my best friend and a Chiropractor -- therefore, notoriously anti-vaccine. But considering her love for Bryn, her thoughts on the subject will be pretty intriguing!)

My thoughts -- can we test it on something larger than a mouse before hailing it as a cure? (Although the thought of animal testing turns my stomach...)

And: Using a dust mite gene? How does that affect kids like Bryn who developed asthma after two bouts of bronchiolitis? His asthma isn't necessarily dust or allergy related.

Do we need a more comprehensive definition of asthma here?


Asthma Often Does Not Go Away as Kids Get Older

I know everyone just thinks I'm being horribly negative when I say, "Actually, he probably won't outgrow his asthma..." but see? See? It's true!!!

Our pulmonologist has told me this a thousand times, and even my own husband doesn't believe it. The truth is, when you have a "tricky" respiratory system, it just stays tricky. But treating asthma aggressively within the first few years of diagnosis can really help the resp sys grow healthier over time. Which means that Bryn probably won't be on Flovent forever. By the time he's a teenager, he'll probably just need to carry Albuterol around, "just in case."

So while this headline isn't the best news in the world -- I would rather have seen a headline saying, "Asthma DOES Go Away as Kids Get Older" -- it's nice to have some substantiation for my comments.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Bad, bad blogger!

A full week gone by, and not a single post! Blame it on the holiday...

News for today, we're lowering Bryn's Flovent dose to 1 puff of 220, twice a day. That's half his usual dose.

We tried this last month, and he developed a cough within a week. Hopefully, we'll have better luck this time.

I'll post some *real* news tomorrow...