Monday, November 01, 2010

Mom's Asthma: Question for you guys

Hi, all -

As I enter my first full season as a newly-diagnosed asthmatic, I have a few questions for you. As you know, I took myself off Symbicort this spring - I just felt ill from that stuff. I intend to find a new pulmonologist soon and look at some different meds.

Anyway, this past week, everyone in my office, on the bus, apparently in most of lower Manhattan, has had a violent, horrible-sounding cough. Seriously, I thought my boss was going to break a rib in the office, the way he was coughing.

Yesterday, when I woke up, I felt run down and a little "fluffy-headed." I had a very slight fever. I'd been feeling a little tightness in my chest the day before, but not enough to make me think this was asthma-related.

Today I have the same feelings...fatigue, a little tightness, but no fever. Is this the start of a flare? What should I be doing?

Thanks for your tips!

PS - the kids have been doing well. B's had some bad allergies, but no major flares. Oz has been doing really well...but I'm terrified that I've caught whatever horrible illness the folks around me at work have, and that one of the boys (Oz, particularly) will end up in the ER again.

They're all getting flu shots in the morning!