Monday, July 13, 2009

Flu, in hindsight

So, now that everyone is back at camp/daycare, I have this to say about the summer flu....

It wasn't so bad.

Oz was VERY sick for a day. Then he was kinda sick for a day. Then he was fine, but had to stay home for four more days. He had one really bad asthma flare on the tail end of it (coughed til he threw up), but we've had worse.

B ran a fever, but never got very sick.

All in all, while it sucked having the flu in July, I think this was a pretty mild strain. Certainly no worse than what they faced in November, and not nearly as bad as the strain B caught in January of 2004.

So...all the hype about H1N1. Just hype. Granted, the Tamiflu may have had a greater impact than I'm giving it credit for, but really... I don't think this is as bad a flu as the media made it out to be.