Monday, April 24, 2006

Baby Iggy's Day at the Pediatric Pulmonologist

I left the pulmo Friday with two things I fully expected to leave with: a prescription for Iggy's first chest Xray, and one for Ozzy's full battery of allergy tests. (He just turned two, so we can do all the food allergies now.)

The rest wasn't quite what I expected. For starters, his lungs really did sound clear. This wasn't so surprising, his cough had really tapered down to nothing -- thank God! It had been two weeks since it started, after all.

She did, however, think the cough he had was Pertussis, aka Whooping Cough. She figured he had a mild case, since he'd already had one course of the vaccine. But apparently, it's been going around, and the way I described his cough sounded about right to her.

She asked if I'd given him albuterol for the cough. I explained that, as Iggy is FOUR MONTHS OLD, I wouldn't presume to give him albuterol. Especially since he'd never been seen by a pediatric pulmonologist before! She said that, given our family history, it would be alright to do so. Since his airways are still very, very tiny (AWW!), he'd only get as much as he needed if we administered the stuff via nebulizer.

I'm glad she trusts me to administer medications to my babies like that, but I still think I'd prefer to call her and/or have her SEE the baby before I go and administer an emergency bronchodilator to an infant.

As for the chest Xray, I may well skip that. I'm not sure he needs it at this point.

I'm almost excited to see what Ozzy's allergic to, on the other hand. There's so much he won't eat, I wonder if he's actually allergic to some of those things. That's how #1 son was. He wouldn't eat eggs after they made him throw up once or twice. Turns out, he's allergic.

I'm betting Ozzy's slightly allergic to grapes...and I'm curious to see what else! Bets, anyone?

One last bit of good news: I'm bringing Li'l B and Ozzy in next month for checkups, and there's a good chance we'll be able to lower B's Flovent to 44 (awesome, considering he was on 220 about a year ago!) and take Ozzy off the stuff completely for the summer. Yeah!

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Zany Mama said...

I'm glad to hear the baby's breathing is clear. What a relief that must be for you!

As far as bets on which food allergies for #2, I'm going to go with the traditional standbys of dairy and peanuts.

I think only those of us with food-allergic kids can think that forecasting about "which food allergy" is present is an appropriate topic of conversation, but alas, it is.