Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dyspraxia -- not asthma related (I don't think)

If I haven't mentioned this before, #1 son is in a special preschool to work on his motor skills and a possible sensory integration dysfunction. He's really smart and outgoing, but he has always had some "quirks." He flaps his arms when he's excited, he (more and more frequently) walks on his toes, and we're starting to see that he has low muscle tone. He also may be a little more dependent on routines than other preschoolers.

Members of my family had concerns that he had an autistic spectrum disorder, but he's so smart and so demonstrative, even our doctors dismissed the concern.

But when I started to see his quirks beginning to interfere with his activities and possibly his education, I requested that he be evaluated for the special needs preschool in our town. As stated, he's enrolled, and while he's getting PT and OT through the program, it's his "autistic tendencies" that are really beginning to concern me.

My cousin, who's an Occupational Therapist, thinks he may have Dyspraxia, which I'm trying to learn more about. I'm not finding too much -- I don't even know if it's on the autistic spectrum, but it does seem to make sense, based on his behaviors. But I'd like to do a little more research before even mentioning it to our pediatrician.

I've found that other kids on the asthma-parents list have kids with ASDs or SI dysfunction, so I'm wondering....

If you have a child with and ASD or SI dysfunction, or if you can link to any Dyspraxia info, please share!!!



Sabrina said... will find more on Apraxia. They are used interchangably. Apraxia is a motor speech disorder where the brain has difficulty telling the muscles what to do. Verbal Apraxia (dyspraxia) is difficulty with the ability to speak and plan the movements. There are different types of apraxia: verbal, oral, global, limb, etc.
Speech Pathologists are trained to diagnose.....hope this helps.

Sabrina said...