Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ear Infection with No Asthma Attack. Phew.

//okay, just a *minor* asthma attack//

Just a quick update -- I took Oz to the doctor Saturday, and he had a pretty bad ear infection. I was concerned because he was REALLY congested and coughing a lot. Plus, paranoid as I am (hello, whole blog dedicated to my kids' asthma!) I couldn't help but remember that he did develop an ear infection when he had RSV in November.

So, PS, the weekend utterly sucked. He was so miserable Sunday, I think I would have thrown myself under a bus if I thought it would make him feel better! He was spiking fevers, his ear obviously killed, and he was just crusted with snot. (Fortunately for him, he's actually cute enough to pull off that crusty snot look. Kidding.)

But of course, by Monday, when I needed to work from home (huge amounts of work to do, too) he was just about fine, and as high-energy and cranky as any two-year-old in the world. Welcome to my world. But at least he was feeling better!

I did have him on a three-day course of Zithro, as well as DuoNeb/Albuterol. It all seemed to work. He's still a bit cranky, but hey -- isn't that what the terrible twos are all about?


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