Saturday, March 18, 2006

About that rash -- I think it's from the Flovent!

So #1 son had that rash on his face for ages. I called the pediatrician about it a few times, and finally I spoke to a nurse. She said she thought it looked fungal.

"Fungal?" I said. How could he get a fungal rash on his FACE??? She said, "Well, it could be from a number of things," and rattled of a list. When she mentioned thrush, the lightbulb popped on.

"Thrush," I said. "Can't Flovent cause thrush?" "Yes," she said.

And while Bryn didn't have the white tongue usually associated with thrush, this was the only explanation that seemed to make sense.

The rash was a little resistant to Lotrimin cream, but ultimately, it did work! Mystery solved!

It's also a hint that I probably need some new spacers!

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