Saturday, March 25, 2006

My rant: What's with the Asthma Epidemic? Flouride? Vitamin D?

From a recent email I sent to the A-P list:

I'm not saying all kids got asthma from their drinking water. The vitamin D theory didn't work for me either.

Certainly not ALL asthma is caused by fluoridated water...asthma definitely predates treating public water! Genetics, possibly more than any other factor, will definitely predetermine which kids get it and which don't. But the number of kids with asthma has definitely skyrocketed in recent generations, and I'm always poking around to figure out why that is.

Pollution, for sure, is a factor, too, but I don't know that it's THE cause. I mean, I'm 34. I had exactly one friend with asthma in school. Now that I'm a parent in the same town, almost everyone I know has a nebulizer for their kids! Can the pollution have become that toxic in the last 30 years?? (Yes, diagnostics are different/better now, but I don't think it's the only reason!)

What changed? Was it just the environment? Or was it something we DID to the environment? Was it the vaccines we gave our kids, or something we did or didn't do (or take) while pregnant? Something they're using to treat road surfaces??

If you look at the numbers of kids with asthma, with autism, with life-threatening peanut allergies....all of these things (and other conditions) have become way too prevalent -- only very recently. And I just find it hard that this is simply evolution at work. Something, or perhaps a combination of things, has to have caused it.

I'm not a paranoid consipiracy theorist. The numbers are just too crazy to dismiss.

Forgive the rant!

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Jim without an Inhaler said...

No need for forgiveness! There is nothing about the current epidemic of asthma that DOESN"T induce anger. Frankly MY rage is directed at the drug pushing Docs that don't do a little research into all of the non-drug treatments available.