Friday, March 02, 2007

Ig at the Cardiologist

I've mentioned a few times that Ig has gone cyanotic on me -- from turning fully blue to just going blue around the lips. The pulmonologist thinks is probably just reflux triggering a bronchospasm, but she wanted us to see a cardiologist -- just in case.

So we went to the pediatric cardiologist this morning, nearlhy 2 months after getting the appointment. (Guess we're lucky to even have one nearby and under our insurance, right?)

Of course, Ig is sick again, and of COURSE he pooped right through his diaper the minute we were leaving...but beside the point...

The appointment was very long and very thorough, and at times, very unnerving. During the ultrasound, for example, the tech kept zooming in and taking more and more pictures of one area, and all I could think was, "Oh, no. She's found something."

Even worse, at one point, they took his sats and he was only 83. Normally, I would question that, but the cardiologist is actually in the same clinic as our PP and shares the same nurses, so I was fairly certain the nurse how to get a correct pulse-ox on my baby.

But actually, everything was FINE. Not only were his sats perfect, there wasn't really anything wrong with his heart at all. One wall *may* be a little thick, but apparently, that's nothing to worry about, and it may be "a normal variant" for Ig. But we'll check it again next year, just in case.

What a RELIEF.

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The Mleziva Boys said...

Glad to hear all went well at Ig's appointment!!