Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ear Tubes, All of a Sudden

Quickly, because there's a baby screaming down the hall --

Finally took Ig to the ENT on Wednesday. We had to wait over a month for the appointment. He's had 8 infections since October, including one that resulted in a perforated eardrum. Never mind that he's rarely slept an entire night since birth, instead waking up halfway through and screaming for up to two hours. (Sure, let him "cry it out." HAH!)

So, the ENT said that Ig's ears are so badly infected, he'd like to do the tube surgery the following morning. (This during one of the busiest, hairiest week's I've had at work in a good, long time, I might add. But, priorities...)

The surgery is done on Thursday morning. We're at the surgical center at 6:45, we're home by 9:30. The baby is seranading me over waffles by 10.

And yet, he's still not sleeping. Even as I type this, he's screaming his head off. Are his ears still hurting, or have I just spoiled him, letting him sleep with me every time I knew he was in pain? (He'd literally KEEP crying for HOURS, and the big boys and I have to sleep, too.)

Anyone with advice on this, please post a comment! I need help!

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