Friday, March 16, 2007

Iggy's Mystery Illness

So, by now you may have noticed (if I've kept up-to-date with my posting, that is) that Iggy gets sick every two weeks. Every other Friday, I work from home because he's running a fever, coughing, has an ear infection, a stomach virus...something exciting like that.

This week's illness is just WEIRD. He has "the cough", but I only hear it a few times a day. Per the doctor, who - by the way - now thinks I'm completely neurotic, his ears are clear, his throat's only a little red, and his chest is clear. And he's negative for Strep. He's had little or no fever in the morning for the past few days, but he's gone up to 102+ at night. His diapers have been nothing short of repulsive -- but normal in number.

During the day, he's irritable and lethargic. My normally sweet, cuddly boy is grumpy and tantrum-prone. He's not eating well, he's not playing...he'd rather snuggle than toddle aorund, but after a while, he'll start crying and writhing -- then he won't let you put him down, or continue to hold him, or put him in his crib. Not without screaming.

So...knowing that there've been cases of mono and flu in the area, I'm wondering if either of these could be a possibility.

Does anyone have any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, experiences to share? I could definitely use some advice, and I don't feel like I have my pediatrician's attention right now.

BTW, we're in the NY Metro area, if that helps.

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