Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How much time do you spend at the Peds Pulomonologist?

D asked this question in a comment, and I realize that there's enough of an answer here to be a post -- AND a full conversation.

First off, I have to admit (in response to the first part of D's question) I love Denial. I spend a great deal of time there myself! I'm there right now, in fact. Went to the pediatrician instead of the PP today. (I suspect the pediatrician is slightly deaf because she said both little ones were moving air well. That despite tight coughs and Oz complaining that his chest hurt.)

So here's the thing with PPs...the amount of time you spend there is directly proportionate to the amount of time your child is sick. BUT - if you come up with the right combo of meds right away, you may only go a few times a year.

It also depends on how quickly you can be trained as an Asthma Mom. We have a unique skill set and toolbelt. You'll see.

My oldest monkey has not a file, a BINDER at our PPs office. When he first got sick, we were there constantly, and when we weren't there I was on the phone with either the PP or her nurse practioner.

But once we got the right balance of meds (Flovent 220, Singulair, Nasonex) and the right Asthma Action Plan, we were able to manage most illnesses with a phone consultation and called-in prescriptions.

At this point, I have the office on speed dial and a closet full of supplies (nebulizer, cups, tubes and masks for said nebulizer, albuterol, Xopenex, saline, giant bottles of Dimetapp...) Oz and Ig have regular files, and the nurses like me a lot better these days.

Hope this helps. You may want to join the Asthma-Parents email list and see if someone else lives near you and can recommend a good Pediatric Pulmonologist.

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