Monday, May 01, 2006

Baby Iggy Turns Blue; Ozzy has a Flare

Briefly, yes, it's true -- 4-month old Iggy went cyanotic on me on Friday. He fell asleep in his swing, facing me, during the afternoon. He woke up, fussing, and when I went to take him out of the swing, I noticed that his lips were blue. Not blue-tinged -- BLUE.

I didn't completely panic, because he was still fussing and breathing well. But I did put an emergency call in to the peds, who told me to bring him right in.

He was fine by the time we got there, although I was (not surprisingly) a mess. The doctor told me this would probably never happen again. But she said that if it did, it would happen soon, within a few days.

So again, not surprisingly, I haven't slept much this weekend.

Also, Ozzy was coughing all day Saturday, but seemed to do well after lots of albuterol. This morning, though, he was grunting a lot while he was sleeping. I started the albuterol again, and I'm calling the PP now.

What a rough few days!!!

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