Thursday, May 26, 2005

Coughing Again

We were doing so much better for a few days there ... The rash cleared up, the congestion seemed better... All the new meds seemed to kick in and get the job done.

Then, all of a sudden, this morning he let out a brief coughing spell that ended in a gag. Yikes! A few nasty-sounding coughs later, I grabbed the Albuterol.

I called the Respiratory Center this morning and spoke to the nurse practitioner. She said we should probably extend the antibiotics for another week and a half (she's right - we've typically done three weeks for sinus infections in the past) and start doing Combivent/DuoNeb again. (Oh, joy!)

But, she warned, this may not be an attack. There's some kind of viral "syndrome" out there causing kids to cough uncontrollably for up to 5 days. Every asthma mom's dream! She said they're even allowing the kids to take a cough supressant - usually a BIG asthma no-no - for this particular ailment.

Even worse, they're seeing a lot of walking pneumonia this week.

Add to that the fact that the weather here in the Northeast SUCKS this week - loads of pollen and mold in unseasonably cold temperatures - and it really could be anything.

So...bottom line: We're watching and waiting, MDI in hand.

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