Saturday, May 28, 2005

Another Attack

So...while I attempted to steal an extra hour of sleep this morning, I could here little B coughing his head off downstairs. And coughing hard.

His dad tried his best to take care of things - and did a surprisingly adequate job, I have to say. First he tried Albuterol, and when that failed, he whipped out the neb and hooked the little guy up with some DuoNeb.

When that barely changed things, I paged the doctor.

I kinda expected him to tell me to get some Robitussin DM. But no...he prescribed the most hard-core regiment of meds I think we've ever heard of -

  • DuoNeb every half-hour - three times.
  • Flovent back up to 220 for several days.
  • If he's too hyper from the DuoNeb to deal with, hit him with some Dimetapp. (Or take some myself!)
  • Also called in some Orapred to the pharmacy, just in case.

This'll be a fun holiday weekend....

More later. Gotta start another neb treatment.

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