Friday, May 06, 2005

Bad News: Baby has eczema

So, while I try to be optimistic about #1 son, #2 son seems to hell-bent on raining on my parade!

He was diagnosed with eczema yesterday and put on a steriodal cream. Ah yes, his first (topical) taste of corticosteroids.

It wouldn't be so bad if (1) it had started BEFORE I put him on regular mild; (2) he hadn't had those many, many incidents of coughing til he turned purple and gagged and (3) he hadn't already had bronchiolitis.

Let's tie that in with the fact that (oh, yeah) his big brother's asthmatic.

But really, I'm trying to be optimistic. Really. I am. Seriously.

Thank GOD they're really good kids, right?

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