Thursday, May 12, 2005

But wait, there's more stupid asthma news...!

Steroid use for asthma no more effective than placebo, study finds (So be sure to switch your child to sugar-based inhalers to test for yourself.)

Toxic chemicals in the home cause asthma in children, says study (So make sure you use vinegar and lemon oil only to clean and disenfect your home..._

Asthma inhalers actually worsen asthma; cow's milk and chronic dehyration are the root cause (And we're back to the sugar inhalers.)

But one happy story:

World Asthma Day organizers hope to save lives through education

Damn -- this site's a GOLDMINE!

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Anonymous said...

Aimee - Have you seen or done any research on New Jersey's asthma rate in children vs. other parts of the US? I am a NJ stay at work mom with 2 reactive airway children, a bit younger than yours. Their problems started at about 1-2 weeks old, although they were born perfectly healthy. I have always been allergic, but not particularly asthmatic. I've lived in several different parts of the country, but since living in NJ, have had several asthma attacks of my own. We've had all kinds of "experts" to our house to check it for toxins, dust, mold, etc. Reading your BLOG is like reading my own journal!! -Sara