Thursday, March 06, 2008

Oz is sick - not strep, not flu

Terrible day! I started a new job last week, and while I *will* have flexibility ultimately, I do need to put on a good show and be at my desk for now.

But Oz let out a few croupy coughs overnight Tuesday, and had a moderate cough yesterday. I started albuterol, just to be safe.

Last night, he woke up with a fever, and my husband ("B") stayed home with him today. I gave him some ibuprofen a neb before I left for work, and told B to call me if he had any concerns.

B called at 11:30 - Oz was coughing uncontrollably, until he gagged. He'd already had a second neb, and I told B it was OK to give him Dimetapp. (Yes, I know about the warnings. Please don't call family services on me. The stuff WORKS, and the situation was dire!)

Dimetapp didn't work, so B gave him DuoNeb, which helped a little, but I was already paging the peds and the pediatric pulmonologist from my cube!! The peds were able to see him immediately.

Of course, B's car is in the shop and I have the (hideous, horrible) minivan, but thank goodness our neighbor was home and willing to loan us their car. I'm sure Oz will love sitting in their daughter's Disney Princess car seat.

They tested for strep and flu (both negative) and chalked it up to something viral. They said his chest sounded clear. Unsurprised sinced the kid had three nebs in less than four hours.

I'm waiting for a call back from the PP.

Keep y'all posted --

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