Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ig's Ears

As good as my pediatricians are, sometimes they're in a rush. They've got a busy practice.

Today, I got one of the docs to slow down and read the file.

Ig, as it turns out, DOES have another ear infection. Dr. G listened to my reports about Ig's two weeks of low-grade fever and persistent cough (upper respiratory, thankfully). She flipped through his file and noted that we'd had a rough time pretty much since New Year's. Lots of coughing, fevers, plenty of ear infections. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you the kid was there every two weeks.

She prescribed a 10-day course of Omnicef, but recommended we keep him on for two full weeks if he's not completely symptom-free.

She also recommended that we see the ENT again, since he's had so many ear infections. Hopefully we won't need tubes again. Although, we all slept a lot better when he had them!


Anonymous said...

aimee tried to get on your other blog but couldn't it could just be me !!!!! hope your kids are doin good be careful your little guys don't get yeast infection from the omniceft it really play havic with me some times i don't know what is worse my asthma or yeast infection in my lungs and girly parts!!! was wondering if you could ask those people at wego health if they have any knowledge on losing this weight after the steriods as i'm not to interested in hearing well you like to breath don't you well answer to that is HELL NO now that i'm are 350lbs. i don't believe this is the new wonder drug
and 30 years of usein it HELL i even asked DR OZ on oprah and i don't think they know cuz i didn't get an answer from him either.. see what you can find out for me ??? thanks and happy easter!!

Aimee said...

Hi, Anonymous --

My first question, of course, would be "Have you talked to your doctor yet?"

Assuming you have...Have you been to There's a nurse there - Nurse Christy - you can call and talk to. She might be able to help.

Also - try the communities on Someone there might have advice.

Sorry - wish I could be more help, but I really don't have a lot of experience with this.

Cutes, Scoots and da FIsh said...

Hi there,

I've recently been following your blog after looking for information regarding pediatric asthma.

It seems like our 8 month old son has a similar path that your children have had so I've been curious to see how others deal with all the peds visits and illnesses. He was diagnosed with G.E.R.D at 7 weeks and we battled back and forth with Zantac for 7 months. We had this 10 day cycle where he would eat great on his dosage, of course then gain weight, which then means the dose was out of date and so then we were headed back for a weigh in and a new dose. Sure enough about 2 weeks ago we had maxed out the Zantac and he was once again shutting down. We were switched to Prevacid and things seem to be going smooth thus far.

Well, after his first round of ear infections back in November (at 3.5 months old) we were headed back to the pediatrician in January. Sure enough he had another. Since then we've been on Amoxicillan, Zithromax, Omnicef, Augmentin, Zithromax again, Gantrisin, and then back to Augmentin. We finally went last month to see an ENT and yesterday my son had his tubes put in. It seemed like the only option and he and the pediatrician agreed that icky gel like goo wasn't going anywhere so either antibiotics would be our friend or we were going to get him some tubes. Just as an FYI, might want to head back to the peds soon as the Omnicef (and the Gantrisin) were the 2 antibiotics that worked the worst for my son. After a follow-up check and things looking better, he had another ear infection within days. On top of that like the other comment suggested he had the worst yeast infections I've ever seen on the Omnicef. So be ready to get a perscription for that Nystatin and something cream. Poor guy!

Well, add to our medical dramas while we were in for an ear check in January, the doc thought he sounded wheezy. My little guy is already on Singulair (oral granules) for allergies, so why would I not have expected the next diagnosis. Asthma! Now we're on an Albuterol nebulizer 2-3 times a day.

Sooo however you read it. I hear ya! All the trips to the doc, all the $$ spent at the pharmacy, etc, etc, etc. Is it funny or strange when your pediatrician tells you just to schedule a weekly appointment and worse that could happen is that you had to cancel 1! I even asked if there was a frequent visitor program at the office so I could get a reduced rate on co-pays since we were there so much! Is is bad when the receptionist knows your voice when you call and you don't even have to go up to the counter to check-in because they know you so well? But overall I guess I can't really complain because he's still thriving and developmentally ahead of schedule - ready to walk any moment at 8 months!

So here's to hoping for healthy kids as they continue to grow!

Aimee said...

Cutes -- Wow! Sounds so much like Ig!

Re: Omnicef -- I believe you. Ig's been on it for a week now, and he's still running low-grade. We're going back to the ENT next week, so we'll see about those ears. I suspect we'll need tubes again.

Thankfully, his asthma is controlled, so I'm hoping the PP (next Thursday) takes him off Flovent for the summer. At least then I won't feel like I'm medicating him SOOO much.