Monday, March 10, 2008

Oz Is Better; Ig Is Coughing

It just never ends!

We finally managed to get Ozzy's cough under control Friday afternoon, after about 36 hours of DuoNeb treatments. It was pretty scary for a while there -- we were prepped and ready to take him to the ER if needed. And I'm amazed that we made it through that one without orals!

...but then, he's still coughing a little, so I should probably refrain lest I jinx myself.

His fever, by the way, hovered over 102 for a full three days, but then just broke out of nowhere Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile, it's been two weeks since Ig was sick, so I guess we're due there. I heard him cough once or twice yesterday, and then at dinner tonight he let out a few seriously croupy barks.

So...I'm going to bed now. Since I probably won't sleep. Again.

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