Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mostly Quiet

It's been a little quieter around here as allergy season looms ahead!

Ig is still coughing a bit, and I do believe he has an ear infection...but overall, not so bad.

The big headache is that we've changed insurance, and the new company - ExpressScripts - is giving us a hard time filling B's Singular Rx. Shocker, right?

Anyway, taking Ig to the peds AGAIN this afternoon for the ear, so I'll keep y'all posted.


Anonymous said...

aimee i guess my last comment about asprin didn't get to you ??? but it does help me alot i'm sure a half of baby asprin and alittle coke a cola wouldn't hurt your kids it really helps me and it get s rid of those nasty headaches you get from the theophillin and steriods and it helps me breatth alot easier and i make ices out of the half a coke it would be a good treat for the kids as i'm still a kid at heart good luck with the insurance (bastards) marsh

Aimee said...

Thanks, Marsh - no I didn't get your last comment, sorry!

We're going to the PP in two weeks, and I will ask her about aspirin. As long as the kids aren't running a fever, I can't see why we wouldn't try it. Probably safer than Flovent OR Singular!

Thanks again for the input.