Tuesday, January 31, 2006

#2 Son's Diagnosis

...in case you were wondering.

It seems an upper respiratory infection has hit his lungs. Typical - we used to see this in #1 son all the time.

The PP said that "he wasn't moving air well" and his resp rate was up, although his sats were fine. And the poor baby looks and clearly feels miserably.

Bottom line: Nebs every 3 hours around the clock. Alternating DuoNeb and Albuterol (or Xopenex). Zythromax. Continued Flovent. Dimetapp if needed. Hopefully, no Predisolone necessary.

The 'round the clock' bit should be especially fun, since I'm nursing a six-week-old. I'll be in great shape tomorrow!!!

But it beats the PICU, any day.

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