Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bandwidth for Babysitting

Quick one -- both the preschoolers are sick. #1 son is manageable, but #2 is pretty sick again. The peds pulmonologist asked me to bring him over right away, but of course, that meant loading him and the newborn into the car -- and exposing the newborn to all those germs at the hospital. Plus, I'd have to jockey the carseats around because I drive a PT Cruiser, and it only holds two car seats, despite having LATCHes for three!!!

Anyway, as luck would have it (for a change) my best friend asked to come over to use my wireless Internet. She just got a new Compaq laptop, and the wireless card wasn't working. She needed to call tech support from a location with an available wireless connection.

So - long story short - I let her use the wireless in exchange for a few hours of babysitting! #2 son got his emergency PP visit, the baby got to sleep safely through the whole thing in the comfort of his own home, and I got to do significantly less schlepping than I thought I would. And to make it a *real* win-win, Compaq tech support was able to resolve my friend's wireless issues.

Sometimes, life can be beautiful.

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