Thursday, January 19, 2006

AngryAsthmaMama Featured Blog at Genetics Health

I'm so proud! I have the featured blog for the week on Genetics and Health.

...I'm also a little embarrassed, as I'm a little behind on posting. Blame Baby Iggy -- it's a little tough to keep up with him, work, moving AND blogging!


Jessica said...

I was wondering if you'd like to write an entry for the Carnival of Compassion? We're looking for a blogger for next Monday and also for Feb 13th. This will drive alot more people to your site as well. Please, check it out here:

Once you see what it's about, email us from the link on the page and we'll get right back to you. I hope you can participate, because your blog is really great and it stands out. Thanks alot! Jessica

Lei said...

Glad to see you found me! I would have left you a comment telling you but I've been dealing with an overseas move and have had little to no internet connection. Hope all is well. All the best to you and the boys.