Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What's up with this kid?

#2 son seems better, after three days of nebs...but I'm concerned about #1. He's looking a little better, but still not right. He's still pale, and he's got that weird rash on his cheeks that he gets during an attack. It's odd. Just a pimply rash on his cheeks and occasionally on his eyelids. He seems fine; just that mucus-y sounding cough every now and then. But he's happy and normal, otherwise.

To be continued....

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SRH said...

Our kid gets the weird rash as well - especially during multiple days of every 3-4 hour nebs. The doctor continues to tell me to "make sure you wash his face after each neb". I try not to get offended and say something like, "I DO wash his face every tme. Even at midnight, 3am, and 6am, when you're home sleeping. I wash his face thoroughly even when it wakes him up and then I'm up for another hour."

Usually, I just firmly say, "I do. Every time."

For us, sometimes it's a yeast infection that he gets from the treatments no matter how many times we wash his face. Sometimes it's just plain old excema. It's always complicated, though, because he has several food allergies which also cause a face rash.

I guess the bottom line is that I have no wisdom about the rash, just commiseration and validation.