Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Asthma Journal - 2/14/06

It occurred to me today that I started this blog in response to a suggestion of the Nurse-Practioner at our pulmonologist. She recommended that I start keeping a journal of my sons' asthma symptoms, so that when I spoke to her or the doctor, I would know how long each kid had been coughing, or wheezing, or pale, or had a rash, etc.

So I started a blog instead of a regular journal becuase - hey - I'm a professional Web marketer, after all.

It's become sort of an all-purpose asthma bulletin board, but I really do need to remember to use it as a journal. It's pretty key in keeping up with the boys' health -- especially now that I have three of them!

So...#1 son is home sick today. That rash on his face cleared up for a day or two, then came back badly yesterday, along with a low-grade fever. He's been coughing a little here and there for weeks, but BADLY since Saturday. I've got him on nebs every three hours today.

#2 seems okay, but he was in bad shape Sunday. Seemed to be non-asthma related...whiney, cranky, bad diaper rash, yukky diapers. I suspect he's allergic to grapes, and that was the culprit. But don't know for sure...

Have a call into the PP now. We'll see if #1 son needs to be seen, or if I'll get the usual action plan:

Alternate albuterol and DuoNeb every three hours via nebulizer; Dimetapp at bedtime; keep up Flovent 110 (2 puffs, 2x daily), Singulair, and Nasonex.

$10 bucks on that, unless they want to test for flu.

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