Monday, August 22, 2005

Question for you guys -- Breathing better on one side?

Quick question for my loyal consituents: Because of the congestion noted in my last posts, of course I was in the boys' room every few hours last night, checking their resp rates. (Don't even tell me you don't do this!!)

I noticed that #1 son was at 24 breaths per minute when sleeping on his right side, but that his rate was significantly increased when he slept on the left.

I'll definitely ask the peds. pulm. about this on Thursday, but I can't help but speculate. Does one lung function better than the other? Is there congestion or are there constricted airways on one side only? Or is it just nasal congestion?

Love to hear from you if you've experienced this or even if you just care to make some moderately educated speculation....

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Cheryl said...

Well, we've been camping so I'm a little late with this. Here's my thrilling, stunning thought: I dunno. The nasal congestion sounds like the most likely explanation, but I'd love to know what the doctor said!