Friday, August 26, 2005

Asthma? Or just sinuses?

We went to the peds. pulm. yesterday for a checkup, which is, in itself, somewhat miraculous. We've never been able to do one of those because every time I'd schedule one, my son would have an attack and we'd end up having a sick visit instead.

We actually stopped scheduling checkups because it seemed to be a jinx!

So, it was a good sign that we actually made it to a checkup yesterday. He's coughing a little bit, but fortunately, it seems to be more of an upper than lower respiratory issue at the moment.

He does seem to have his second sinus infection of the season, though, which is a bit worrying. We recently finished our non-refillable Nasonex prescription, and I wonder how much that has to do with it. (I did get a new Rx for it.) And he just wrapped up a course of Amoxicillin about 14 days ago.

If the congestion continues for another week (it's been about one week now), she's going to send him for a CT scan. He probably needs it, but I shudder to think what's going to happen if they find something. He's already had his adenoids out, so what would the next thing be? How traumatic, painful and horrible will it be? What more do I need to put this kid through???

I guess for now, I'm just glad the infections haven't triggered asthma attacks as they've done in the past. But are chronic sinus infections -- even if they're not life-threatening-- any better for a four-year-old' s quality of life than chronic asthma?


Cheryl said...

Ahh. Just had a rather unsatisfying appointment with our boys' allergist. As you may remember, Chas' coughing got worse after we stopped Pulmicort in favor of Singulair. We finally went in to see the doctor about it. It was frustrating because I felt like the doctor wasn't really understanding the whole picture very well -- kept asking how long Chas had been sick, etc. Well, he's NOT sick, this is just a cough he's had since the meds switch etc. Ultimately, we came up with a plan I think is good, though. He's gong on an antibiotic because there's a chance he's got some kind of lung infection going on, based on how he sounds. We're adding back the Pulmicort until he's better. Then we're taking him off the Pulmicort again to see how he does. If he gets bad again, we'll assume it's not a coincidence and that he needs the Pulmicort. It all feels like it's so hit or miss with this stuff at this age, as I know you understand. Is it a coincidence -- like repeated sinus infections in a 4-year-old -- or a sign of something to do with his asthma -- like repeated sinus infections in a 4-year-old? I just want to know what's wrong so we can fix it!!!!

Anyway, hope all is going well with your little wheezer and that we both get answers soon!

Eva said...

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Jennifer said...

I came across you blog by searching goodle for asthma treatments. My son 8 months tomorrow has had RSV once and now pneumonia twice. This since early December.My head is spinning thinking that this is potentially a lifetime problem. He is on Orapred now with albuterol Not to mention Amox. for an EI. He was on singulair after the first bout with pneumonia. I thought it was working, but then he came down with a cold and within a day it was in his lungs. The dr. is going to switch him to pulmicort now I just have so many questions. I was wondering if you could perhaps help me or just talk me through it.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, do your children still have their tonsils? I'm just a mom of 2 girls. One who had asthma and one who still does.
As soon as my older daughter had her tonsils out, everything went away. Her tonsils were inflamed. Now, my little one is due to have hers out in January. Wondering what will happend.