Tuesday, August 09, 2005

AsthmaFactor.org - A Big Pile of Poop

Did I once, back in May, actually recommend http://www.asthmafactor.org/?

Where was my brain? What was I thinking?? Was it the pregnancy hormone wreaking havoc on my intelligence???

The site is nothing but a bunch of hoo-ha. They're pushing some BS dairy-free diet and some truly risky advice for naive asthmatics. Headlines like, "Asthma is a false disease caused by chronic dehydration and body's drought management efforts, says doctor" are DANGEROUS.

Want REAL advice on asthma? If you're an asthma mom, visit http://www.breatherville.org, the official site of the AANMA and Mothers of Asthmatics.

Ugh. I'm so embarassed that I ever linked to that site in anything that may have appeared to be an endorsement. Apologies!!!


Anonymous said...

Just add them to the list of places that might seem reasonable until you read deeper. I HATE going on asthma and food allergy boards and seeing people putting their children's health on the line with some of this wacky stuff. My niece has diabetes and that's another one where you will find people saying they can "cure" her and that it's all in her mind blah, blah, blah. I consider them idiots if I'm feeling charitable and evil if I'm not.


Aimee said...

Thanks for your comment, Cheryl. I'm totally losing patience with this stuff. I can't tell you how many people have said that I should just take him off milk (hello, did that when he was 15 months old and never had a solid BM) or gluten, or red meat...

Believe me, I would love to take my son off daily steroids. But until a solidly proven, medically accepted alternative becomes available, I think it ain't gonna happen.

That is, unless he miraculously gets better! I'd take that solution any day!