Monday, January 21, 2008

I have bronchitis, Ig has Scarlet Fever

What a fun weekend. We had big plans for the holiday, including a big playdate (2 kids at our house) and a trip to the big science museum....but unfortunately, we've had to work in shifts this weekend, and I stayed with Ig most of the time.

Ig started spiking fevers on Friday night, and developed a funny rash on his chest, tummy and back by Saturday afternoon. I called the peds, and they told me that they'd see him Sunday morning if he was still sick. (LOVE my peds!)

He spiked up somewhere near 105 on Saturday night, so we were in on Sunday. Turns out he has Scarlet Fever -- and an ear infection. The tubes he got in March are pretty much out, so I guess we can expect more infections from now on. Poor kid, he was up screaming because of the "boo boo in the ear!"

Here's the funny part...while we were waiting for the doctor, I had a little coughing fit - not uncommon for me over the last month. When she came in, she listened to his chest, said it was clear, but noted that his cough sounded pretty croup-y.

"Ummm..."I smiled sheepishly, "He doesn't have a cough. That was me." She made me open MY mouth, checked MY throat, and told me to back to my doctor and tell him that my son has strep (even though my throat looked fine).

I hadn't actually seen a doctor. I'd gone to the new Minute Clinic at our local CVS. What a great thing that is for adults! It's a nurse-practitioner who works 8-8, and you don't need an appointment. AND they take my insurance. Mind you, I wouldn't take the kids there, but for me, it's fine.

I've had this cough for a month or so. No other symptoms, no chest tightness or anything -- just a tickle in my throat that makes me cough until I gag or cry. I actually didn't think much of it (despite my husband's complaints that I was keeping him up at night...pretty funny that he should complain considering I've been living with his snoring for 15 years!)... until my assistant was diagnosed with bronchitis. She was prescribed antibiotics.

The N-P at the clinic told me I had bronchitis, but that it was probably viral. Apparently it's a crapshoot - 50/50 whether it's bacterial or viral. She gave me a prescription, non-narcotic cough suppressant and told me to call my doctor if it wasn't better within a week or so...but that bronchitis can last up to 6 weeks.

I've never had bronchitis before - or at least, I've never been diagnosed with it before - but I can tell you that this cough, while it isn't as frequent, definitely sounds chestier. I still don't feel it anywhere but my throat, though.

Regardless, I'll try to get in with the GP today or tomorrow, and I'll keep an eye on the kids, too.

Wouldn't it be ironic if the GP put me on albuterol?

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