Monday, January 07, 2008

Oz is out of control

Quick one since I'm at work --

Oz's asthma is a little out of control. I feel like he's been gray and coughing for the last four weeks. He's certainly had a runny nose, so I would say -at the very least- that he has a sinus infection.

He thew up after his first swimming lesson yesterday, and has been coughing ever since. This morning, he was coughing until he gagged, and it took a dose of Claritin and a double-dose of Combivent to alleviate the cough.

He's also been waking up and coming into our room every night for the last week. Twice a night, at least. Seriously annoying, especially since Ig, who was sick last week (virus - not asthma-related) has been up, as well. I suspect it's because he's not satting well overnight.

Calling the PP today for a checkup. Don't know if we need to adjust meds, or if it's even just upper-respiratory, but poor Ozzy really is a mess!


Freadom said...

Hope things get better soon. When my daughter gets sick I find it nearly impossible to get any sleep.

Anonymous said...

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