Friday, August 17, 2007

Thursday Night at the Pulmonologist

So... here's the quick roundup:

  • B - Doing GREAT! He actually completed the Peak Flow Test (PFT) and did great! Dr. W said she would have been happy if he'd been over 80% -- and he actually surpassed 100% (He still improved after abuterol, but whatever.) He is not going back on Flovent this fall, at least not at this point. :-)
  • Oz - Doing well, but staying on Flovent 110 and Singulair. We'll keep watching him.
  • Ig - With the cyanotic episodes and overall dodgy health, we're starting Flovent 44 again now.

For a change, BETTER than I'd anticipated. I'm so excited about B!! No meds!!! Whoopeee!!!
Now all I have to pay for (for B) are the $500 orthotics, which our insurance wont' cover.

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