Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Quick Monkey Update

We seem to have beaten Oz's cough from earlier this week...but Ig had a blue-lip episode at daycare today. Two puffs of albuterol and he pinked right back up.

The blue-lip episode happened during a rather important meeting today, and made for a funny overheard conversation. The daycare admin called on my mobile, and I always take their calls, natch. Here's what the CEO, President and other around me probably heard:

"He's blue? Again?....Is he happy, or does he seem like he's in distress?...Okay. Did you give him albuterol?...Yes, two puffs. I'll sign the form when I pick him up. Okay. Thanks for calling! Bye!"

Ah, the life of a working mom of asthmatic kids. Don't you wish you were me?

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