Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Albuterol Test, part deux

I have to really scrap the last albuterol test -- Ig was running a fever on Saturday, so he may have had some virus that was keeping him up. He slept PERFECTLY with the fever, though.

Of course, he was up again the next night, so I tried the "albuterol test" again last night. He slept through til 5:00 AM. (GREAT for him.) He woke up really happy, too - despite some icky green goo around his nose.

I'm calling the PP this week to schedule a seasonal visit for all three monkeys, so I'll keep the test up for a few more nights and report the results back to her. $10 says he's back on Flovent by next week.

In other news -- I'm taking B to the podiatrist Thursday (praying he doesn't need full orthotic - NO ONE covers those things) and the developmental peds. in October. Let's here it for back-to-school!

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