Friday, February 16, 2007

No Flu (I don't think) and Iggy's Ear

So, I'm feeling a lot better today, and while I haven't taken my temperature since I woke up, I don't think I have a fever. So...phew.

Ig, on the other hand...not so good. I took him to the peds for his millionth ear infection on Tuesday and we started him on Omnicef. The deal was, if the Omnicef didn't work, we'd have to talk to an ENT about treatment. (read: TUBES)

So we're on the fourth day of treatment, and I've finally brought him back to daycare, and they call me less than two hours after dropoff to tell me that he's running 100.5. Yes, that's a low-grade fever, but four days into an broad-spectrum antibiotic, should there be ANY fever? I think not.

He's also had two rough nights in a row. Wednesday he was up screaming bloody murder every two hours. Last night, he was up at about 1:00 screaming. I gave him some Dimetapp (mostly because he was coughing -- and I couldn't remember when I'd given him Motrin) and a cup of water -- which he sucked back like he hadn't seen fluids in a year.

Both nights were better than Tuesday when he spiked up to 104.9.

Spoke to the peds today, and they said that the antibiotic could take another day or two to kick in (yeah, right...) but that if he had another rough night, they'd see him tomorrow morning.

Ah, nothing like the pediatrician's office on a Saturday!

(Did I mention the hideous cough, by the way? We'll be talking about that with the doc, too. I've been giving him albuterol twice a day.)

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