Thursday, February 15, 2007

Do I have the flu?

Ugh -- Ig's just getting over his 3 millionth ear infection, Ozzy's coughing his head off in bed, and I think I've got the flu.

I've just got that achey feeling in my back and the chills right now -- along with a goopy throat and slight cough. My temp is a little over 99.

Here's how I know I'm the mother of asthmatic children: I'm relatively unphased by the fact that I'll be sick through the holiday weekend. I'm FAR more concerned that I may have already exposed my three asthmatic kids to the flu.

(Oh, for a plastic bubble!)

I'm a super-affectionate parent, so I've been all over the kids all week, just like always.

Please, please...just let this be a little cold. Or some freaky thing that only grown-ups can get!

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