Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ig has Croup - allegedly

Saw the peds today -- Ig was up last night coughing so badly, B and I were both freaking out a little. We finally woke him up at around midnight to give him a neb of Xopenex.

This morning I brought him in. It's Saturday, and we were probably among the last patients on what seemed like a very busy day, so she did seem like she was rushing a bit. And I'll confess upfront (and I've said this MANY times before on this blog) while I love my peds, I don't trust them when it comes to determining the clarity of my kids' lungs during the infant/toddler years.

Anyway, she listened to my concerns (low-grade fever, cough, ear pain, etc.), and checked the baby out. She said his ear looked better, so she thought the Omnicef was working -- but based on what I told her, she suspected croup. Now, she didn't hear him cough. And - shocker - she said his chest sounded good.

She wants me to keep up the nebs, and she gave me a box of Pulmicort. I reminded her that he was on Flovent already (fair enough, the pulmo prescribed that), and she said we might want to replace the Flovent with the Pulmicort for now.

Ummm...will one Respule be the same as his regular dose of Flovent 110? She didn't say... I'll cut her some slack. Just this once. I'm a frequent flyer, and she was in a hurry.

She did point out that he'd been in for an ear infection once monthly for the last five months, and that we should follow up with the ENT.

Great. So in the next month, Ig will be visiting the Pediatric Pulmonologist, a Pediatric Cardiologist, and a Pediatric Otolaryngologist. Thank God for health insurance.

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