Friday, July 14, 2006

Mama's 35th Birthday and an Update: B still has rash (from Singulair?), Oz's asthma is flaring

B's finally looking better. I switched from a 1% cortisone cream to .5% gel, and it seems to be working well. Only two weeks!

Not sure if I mentioned it before, but the doctor seems to think the rash may have been caused by his Singulair. Sure, he's been on it for nearly three years, but he was on Flovent for three-and-a-half years, and since corticosteroids like Flovent are immunosuppressant, they suspect the Flovent supressed the reaction to the Singulair. As a result, the rash appeared when we tooke the steroids out of the mix.

In other news, I'm taking Oz to the PP today. He's not doing too well. He started coughing Tuesday, so I kept him home and nebbed every four hours. Yesterday, he seemed better, so I nebbed in the AM, and sent him to school with his albuterol MDI.

He was okay yesterday, but he did wake up from his nap coughing. The daycare called and I had them give him an extra dose of albuterol, which seemed to help. He was happy enough when he came home, and he slept relatively well.

He was a bit rough this morning, but that's usually a bad time for my kids. I gave him a neb and some Dimetapp, then we ran a few errands before landing at daycare. By the time we got there, he was so sad and clingy, I knew I'd have to turn around and take him home.

Now he's sleeping (totally uncharacteristic) and he's definitely a little bluish around the eyes and very goopy. No fever -- just the dry cough.

It could just be a cold, but we've only been off the Flovent for two weeks, so I'm not taking any chances!!!

Quite a way to spend my 35th Birthday. :-(

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