Saturday, July 08, 2006

Bad News: B looks AWFUL. Steroid Acne or Asthma Attack Brewing?

So, they're off corticosteroids. That's the good news.

Here's the bad news: Bryn looks AWFUL. It may just be what the dermatologist determined was "steroid acne", but he's get a red rash around his eyes, on his nose and on his cheeks and chin that looks terrible! His eyes are red-rimmed, as the rash or acne is actually on his eyelids, too, and bloodshot. He's really pale, too.

He looks apalling, but seems fine otherwise...maybe just a little lethargic.

I'm so worried about him. I've called four doctors (yes, really) and they all think I'm nuts. Our PP and her nurse-practioner are both on vacation (the nerve of them, vacationing at the same time! Didn't they know I'd need them?), so I've had to speak to two other doctors in the practice who think I'm a looney hypochondriac who wants her kid back on steroids. We actually *saw* our pediatrician, who was baffled but largely unconcerned, and a dermatologist who thought it was steroid acne (as mentioned above).

Any thoughts? This all started just as we were tapering him off the Flovent. I feel like we're working up to a major blowout flare. And he really looks so bad that I'm considering a trip to the ER.

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