Sunday, July 09, 2006

B looks worse -- getting really concerned!

Just an update -- little B's rash is worse, and it's been 9 days now since it started. He's a little lethargic (as mentioned in the previous post) and he woke up a bit congested today.

At least the congestion gave me an excuse to start albuterol.

The worst part is that we've scared him with our concern. He was uncharacteristically teary and melancholy tonight (more from exhaustion, I'm sure) and he asked me, "Am I going to be alright, Mom?"

So, add guilt to my concern now.

Honestly, it's hard to not be concerned -- I'm damned near panic, quite frankly. He really looks THAT bad. All I need is one good wheeze, and I'm off to the ER.

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