Tuesday, March 08, 2005

RSV- Obsessed

This is what helplessness does. Because we caught the baby's RSV early, I feel like I'm just sitting around, watching him get sicker. Every night, I've been CRANKING the monitor, counting his respirations. I listen carefully to the pitch, tone, and resonance of every cough.

Do sane moms do this, or is it just me?

Honestly, he seems well. He's congested and coughing a bit, but he's happy and eating well. I'm probably making myself crazy for nothing.

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Samantha said...

I do the exact same thing with the monitor Aimee I swear. Sometimes I just go in if I don't hear him breathing heavily enough. Dane hates the nebulizer too, but he's on Xoponex as my sweet laid-back child became completely cranked up on Albuterol. Sorry to hear about all of the health problems and the allergy to amoxicillin. That totally bites. I don't know where we would be today without Augmentin for Dane's ears!