Thursday, March 31, 2005

Lower Flovent, New Sinus Infection, New Symptoms

What an exciting 10 days since my last post.

On 3/22, we took Bryn to another pulmonologist (at the same practice). His lungs were clear, so the doctor lowered his Flovent from 220 to 110.

This past Monday (three days ago), Bryn woke up for school and begged me to keep him home. That's so unlike him. He loves school. He never wants to stay home.

That night, when I went to run an errand, he threw himself at me and begged me not to go. Again, totally unlike him.

Was it the Flovent reduction?

Besides that, he continues to wake up with blood-streaked mucus clogging up his little nose. He really hasn't had a clear day since the adenoid surgery. His face looks kinda puffy, too. this pleasant new mood related to what appears to be yet another sinus infection, or is it the Flovent reduction?

Being the mother of an asthmatic preschooler is so cool! (not)

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