Thursday, March 03, 2005

Adenoidectomy: The Jury's Out

Sorry I haven't posted in a week -- UNBELIEVABLE, the mess that's been my home!

But to the point: Bryn's doing really well. He can barely move his neck, but he hasn't complained at all. He hasn't developed a major post-op asthma attack or hemorrhaged as I feared (I'm totally paranoid - I admit it) and I still have a full bottle Tylenol with codeine. He's said once that his mouth hurts, and he cried once because he hit his head, which apparently hurts more than it would if he hadn't had the surgery.

But he's coughing like mad and he's *still* breathing through his mouth, so we'll see... I'm just not convinced this was the best (or the only) option.

The real kicker...when we got home from the hospital with Bryn, the baby was running 102. Turns out he had strep...and so did I. We both went on Amoxicillan (so all three of us were on it) and while I got better, his fever continued for days.

Turns out, he's allergic to Amoxicillan. Does this bode well?

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Amy said...

Hello -- I just found your site by doing a search for adenoidectomy and asthma. My son is also 3 years old and has asthma and the procedure has been recommended by a well-respected pedi ENT (in consulation with a pedi pulmonologist and pedi GI). I wish you and Bryn the BEST and will look forward to updates on how much the surgery has (hopefully) helped. I have not yet had the courage to schedule my son's surgery surgery but may do so soon.
-- Amy (David's Mom)