Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Starting Tamiflu

So...quick update...went to the pulmonologist today. (She's at the hospital, so we had to wear masks. Horrible!)

She's sure ENOUGH that Oz has flu that she prescribed Tamiflu. And if he's not better by Thursday, she wants a chest X-ray.


He seemed more energetic today, but still not eating much (a little Kraft macaroni and cheese at dinner, that's about it)... but still running around 102 and looking pretty poo-ey.

I'll keep ya posted.


JYC said...

just curious, how does the flu affect someone with asthma? does it worsen the symptoms and that's why you have to take different medication?

Aimee said...

I don't know if it's true of ALL asthmatic children, but my kids are exceptionally prone to pneumonia.

My kids' asthma was alway triggered by upper respiratory infections, and think this is true of many asthmatics.

Our pulmonologist routinely prescribes Tamiflu to kids like mine since it shortens the flu, and thus, reduces the risk of pneumonia.

Anonymous said...

I've just begun reading your blog. I'm a mom of a little girl, and I have asthma and allergies. How is Oz feeling now?