Monday, June 29, 2009

Oz might have the flu

MIGHT have the flu.

After a mild flare yesterday, my monkey woke up with 102 - and ran that fever all day long. He didn't complain of a sore throat, but did complain that his legs hurt and his head hurt, and occasionally that his stomach hurt. He could barely keep his eyes open all day.

At daycare, of the 70 kids or so enrolled, an alleged 23 were absent. A few tested positive for strep, a few had suspected flu cases. The Board of Health called while I was there dropping Ig off.

I took Oz to the doctor, and after waiting an hour, he tested negative for strep and negative for flu...HOWEVER, the rapid flu test has a 25% false negative rate. The doctor thought his symptoms looked enough like the flu that she's not allowing him to return to daycare until Monday. (And that's the date she put on the note he needs to go back!)

She also wants me to call the PP to see if they want him to go on Tamiflu, before the final flu test comes back from the lab.

I'll one-up them on that: I'll take him to the PP. Given his history of pneumonia, I think I want him to be seen. Especially the way he's coughing right now!

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